Astrology has long been used as a tool to gain insights into various aspects of life, including relationships and marriages. When it comes to divorce, certain planets and their positions in the birth chart, known as Kundli, are believed to play a significant role. Get deeper insights about Divorce Problems in Astrology.

Plantes leads to Divorce Problems in Astrology

Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and the Sun are considered key houses that can cause marital complications leading to divorce. These planets are believed to influence factors such as conflict, aggression, misunderstandings, and ego clashes within a relationship.

Additionally, the positions of Venus and Jupiter also have an impact on the likelihood of marriage and divorce. Venus associated with love, harmony, and commitment in relationships. A strong Venus placement can indicate a successful marriage while a weak placement may lead to challenges or even separation.

Jupiter known as the planet of expansion and growth. Its positioning in the birth chart can indicate stability or instability in relationships. A favorable Jupiter placement may signify a long-lasting marriage while an unfavorable one could suggest difficulties that might lead to divorce.

One such combination is when the 7th house, which represents marriage and partnerships. Aligns with the 12th Lord and Rahu is placed in the Lagna. This configuration can create tensions and conflicts within the relationship, potentially leading to divorce.

Additionally, if Venus, the planet of love and harmony, positioned in the Lagna while Mars or Saturn influences the seventh house (representing spouse), it can further contribute to marital challenges. These planetary alignments may create imbalances and disharmony between partners, ultimately increasing the likelihood of divorce.

It is important to note that astrology should be approached with an open mind. And used as a tool for self-reflection rather than solely relying on it for making life decisions. Consulting with professional astrologer in Brisbane who specialize in relationship matters can provide further guidance on understanding the impact of planetary positions on individual situations involving divorce problems

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